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  • Giuseppe Vassallo

    Giuseppe Vassallo

    My work consists of an articulated imagery. This, composed of images that populate my existence, my incessant search for humanity and intimacy, tends to reunite layers of space and time that would otherwise not be possible without the medium of painting. Painting, the personal photographic source as an optical phenomenon of recording information and the […]

  • Anselm Pavlik

    Anselm Pavlik

    My work starts with the observation of nature: form, structure, sound, colour, movement, effect and time. In search for an extensive rendition of my observations I tie visual art, music, film and natural science together. These components merge into a synthesis which leads into an own language and concludes into an individual perception of nature, being integrated as a further […]

  • Antonella Anselmo

    Antonella Anselmo

    Antonella Anselmo lives and works in Vienna. In her paintings, books and works on paper the hidden in everyday life becomes visible. Through the association-netting and the interaction between memories and visions, just as the overlaying of layers and colours the „universal texture of this world“ surfaces. „The dreams occupy the emptyness while sleeping, but […]

  • Wolfgang Pavlik

    Wolfgang Pavlik

    Wolfgang Pavlik belongs to a generation of artists that redefines and reorganizes painting. In his work Pavlik develops new compositional forms as a reflex to apparent oppositions such as abstraction versus figuration. Pavlik bases his portraits on photos from newspapers and collective memory. The men and women of his works however process no identity. The […]