HERBERT PFÖSTL – Departing Fields and Other Forms

Departing Fields features tableaux of works on wood and paper made by Pföstl over the course of

thirty years. The artworks include vistas of departing lands—talismanic objects of silent hymns —

and works on paper from the early Hans Henny Jahnn and nerve garment drawings.

Herbert Pföstl (b. 1968, Graz, Austria) has been living in

America since 1990. He is co-author of To Die No More (2008); author of Light Issued Against Ruin

(2014, The Brother in Elysium), Schrift-Landschaften (2016, Epidote Press), and Ideal Forms of Vanishing

(2021, The Brother in Elysium); and translator of A Shelter for Bells: From the Writings of Hans Jürgen von

der Wense (2019, Epidote Press).



wednesday to friday 5 Pm-8 Pm

november 22 – 7 december 2022

glasergasse 4a
1090 Vienna


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