artunited presents a selection of works by Christy Astuy, Karin Frank, Wolfgang Pavlik, Hari Schütz, September 26 – Oktober 10, 2015

September 26 – Oktober 10, 2015
Tue – Fri 5 – 8 PM

artunited is pleased and honored to present a selection of works of
Christy Astuy
Karin Frank
Wolfgang Pavlik
Hari Schütz
The selection of paintings and sculptures and drawings included in this exhibition provides a small overview of figural tendencies in
Austrian art-making now It includes artists whose unique ideas developed outside the circuit of art world institutions.
Each offers a highly individualistic, authentic, and imaginative practice that roughly falls into one of four identifiable areas
commonly absent from mainstream art-historical narratives: neorealistic, fiction, eroticism, and primitivism.
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Hours: Tuesday – Friyday, 5PM-8PM

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